Friday, January 29, 2010

Car Talk

I love that my kids dig a lot of the same things I do. I have to relish this time as I'm sure they'll knock it off when they're teens. Though their rebellion will probably be Izod and Ambercrombie related. Thursday was grocery day. On the way I was cranking my iPod. The following conversation ensued.

Alex "What is this music?"
Me "The Avett Brothers."
Alex "You listen to that all the time. Can we listen to Professor Murder instead?"
Me "I don't think I have that on this. It was messed up when I downloaded it."
Alex "Well, what about Mixel Pixel."
Me "I only have the one song, it messed up on that too."
Cordi "I want to listen to my favorite. The one that goes "No sunshine, no sunshine."
*Olivia starts singing it off key and the wrong words*
Me "You mean Death Cab for Cutie?"
Cordi "Yeah, Deaf Cat for Ceudee."
Alex "How about the Beastie Boys?"
Me "I don't have them at all on here."
Alex "Well, what about Radiohead?"
Cordi "I want the Deaf Cat."
Me  "Yeah, I have that. We can listen to Radiohead and then Cordi's song."

I love having hip kids.

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