Thursday, January 28, 2010

That's not homeschooling. Oh, wait...

Before anyone says it...yes, I know one of the kids is still in pj's while we're homeschooling. I don't really encourage dressing on days when we're not going out and there's noone visiting. It creates more laundry. Don't judge.

I just wanted to share with you another facet of homeschooling; it happens everywhere and anywhere. Like the kitchen floor. I'm not exactly sure why they decided this would be the place to do some art. They have desks of their own, though they're a bit small, and the dining room table too but this day they decided to triangulate here. Each equipped with their own project.

Perhaps it's was because they could spread out. Discarding their scraps any ol' place around them.

Or maybe because it made collaborating just a bit easier.

Whatever the reason, when I see stuff like this I have to take a deep breath, quell that inner freak that thinks they should be at name-labeled desks (we used to have them) sitting quietly (they're listening to The Avett Brothers whom I'm currently obsessed with) creating something that has step-by-step directions and looks the same as everyone elses (I'm actually not sure what they ended up doing).

Then, I have to reassure that institutionalized freak that they are, in fact, learning. They're cooperating. They're talking nicely to each other. Doing that socialization thing everyone is so hopped up about. They're appreciating music and experiencing sounds of different instruments (they play a wicked banjo and Livi loves the banjo). They're creating, imagining, using scissors (fine motor skills) and tape (that's mixed media, ya know), sharing and doing something they love, not something I forced them to do.

Sometimes, learning is just all in how you look at life. At least, I'm learning that.


Anonymous said...

I am just curious, how does a mother of 5 have time to: time to write on your blog, check your email, sit and waste time online, post on TONS of other sites (etsy) etc, take pictures, upload the pictures to your website? I think its self abusive to sit on the computer all day, every day. love yourself more.

Crystal said...