Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Max's new hangout

Max is almost 13 months. He's at that age where he's learning to be a toddler. He's walking. He's babbling. He's eating finger foods. He's exploring. He's a veritable walking wonderland of firing neurons. Recently, he's learned that cabinets are not just nice-ish pieces of wood that line the walls of the kitchen. They hold stuff too. (Please disregard the messy counter tops, it was dinner time) 

Hey, check this out!

What are you doing Max?

Who me? Hey, there's more stuff back here...

You would not believe what's in here mom!

Uh, oh. Here comes Emmy.

Are you getting in with him?

Oh, you're shutting him in...

Open the door Emmy.

This is soooo much fun!

Hey, things can go out!

LOTS of things can go out!

Okay, that's enough. *Emmy comes over to see what he's doing and pour pirate booty in all the bowls.*

Thanks for the memories...and the dirty dishes.


Sarah said...

My kids do stuff like this all the time. Drives me crazy! So cute but SO many dishes!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome pictorial! You're such a great mom to let him at it like that...despite all the extra work it creates for you. He's learning tons about the world. So many moms I know keep their kids on such a short leash for their own convenience and inhibit their natural curiosity about the world. Props to you!

Fujisawa Rob said...

That's my boy! Pretty soon he'll be taking apart things with a screwdriver.