Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rag Rug-along Sunday

I've been wanting to make one of these for a really long time. I love the cozy comfort of it. The flow of colors. The reuse of materials. The durability. Now, I have not only the inspiration but the instructions thanks to Mother Earth News.

Every Sunday I'll be posting a Rag Rug-along update. We'll start today. Just peruse your house for materials you'd like to use and make a pile, keep going with this for the rest of the week. Look for materials similar in weight (thickness). Old sheets, shirts, lightweight pants. Pull out your fat clothes and make better use of them. Sort out your kids hand-me-downs and pull from the outgrown or sullied. If you can't find anything today, go check out your local thrift stores this week.

Your Rag Rug doesn't have to be a rainbow smorgasborg. Choose colors in the same palette or variations on a hue. Think about where your rug will be in your home. Entry Way? Kitchen? Bathroom? Kids Room? Laundry Room? Color your materials accordingly.

I'll be taking an approach similar to one I take with everything else: Not a whole lot of planning. Should be fun!

Send in your photos of your Rag Rug stashes and see them featured here on the blog throughout our Rug-along. Each Sunday I'll post my progress, your photos and the goal for the following week. The estimated time frame for a Rag Rug is a season so we'll take our time (since I have little extra of it anyway) and do this slowly. Then too, whomever stumbles upon our project will have time to catch up.

Be sure to tell your friends and other crafters. Perhaps we can have a Rug-along meet up later into the project. To sign up just post a comment on the blog!

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