Thursday, January 21, 2010

Recovering my vintage chair

I have this kick ass wheelie chair that we've had for oh, ten years or so. I love it. We got it at a thift store uber cheap, like ten bucks or something ridiculous. It's solid, heavy as heck aluminum. It had arms but we took them off long ago. One was broken, I believe.

This chair will be getting covered for the third time today. A make over for an old dame. I got some heavy-ish material from IKEA that matches the homeschool room and the honkin' huge vintage metal secretary desk I work from. If you haven't noticed, I like color. Maybe it's because I am virtually blind without contacts or glasses. The world is reduced to blobs of color. I want to drink in the spectrum. I might be really blind one day. If my double digit negative optomitrist prescriptions don't stop going even higher, it's possible.

Back to the chair. Here's the before. It's in a sad state.

Here are the two old layers of material I had used before to recessitate the beast.

Here is the new material. Only $7.99 a yard. I also pulled out my bolt of Warm and Natural batting and added a few layers. The original foam was literally crumbling.

For grown up eyes only -a naked chair. Drool over that, baby. Chairs ain't made like this no more.

And here is our vamped out sitting vixen.

The other absolutely wonderful thing about this chair? It was also made for recovering. I burned my finger twice on hot glue but damn if it wasn't worth it.

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Fujisawa Bob said...

The legs and back supports are aluminum, I'm pretty sure the frame is cast iron.