Friday, January 22, 2010

How we teach Art

We don't. I like to think of myself as an Artist. I like to think I can wear size 10 jeans too but it doesn't make it true. I dabble in art and can make passable creations. But the point to making art isn't to create masterpieces, it's to enjoy making art. Thus, with that definition, we're all Artists. (And I can pull out the tag in my jeans and proclaim them size tens, how's that for creative?) I love fostering the ideas of imagination, pride in accomplishment and enjoyment of whatever it is they do, in whatever art form they choose.

This morning my lot was assaulted by a painting muse.

Still jammied and bleary eyed we pulled out the watercolors and paper. They immediately set to work.

We didn't discuss form and function.

We didn't discuss themes or periods.

We didn't talk about impression or realism. I think we were too sleepy for that anyway.

We didn't talk about famous artists or mull over masterpieces.

Somehow, though, I think they got the point of Art.

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