Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Baby

For all my issues with Christmas, the one back in 2008 gave me the best present ever. A baby. Not just any baby either, no I got a happy, healthy boy baby. After a string of girls that has my brain exploding in glittery princessery every other day, I relish cowboys, trucks and dinosaurs (sometimes all at the same time!).  You can read a bit about it here it was also the same time Alex lost those first teeth I talked about in the tooth fairy pillow post. Wow, has it really been a year?

 2009's gift was right up there though when that wee bairn turned one. The poor lad is going to have it tough getting people to separate his birthday with a more famous persons alleged birth but if that's all he has to contend with in life, I'll be happy for his strife.

Our boy Maximilian Robert is now a walking fool. Has 6 extremely sharp chompers which he likes to remind you of on those delicate pieces of flesh left in his reach. Throughly enjoys blowing raspberries. Loves to watch Signing Time. Tries his darndest to keep up with the big kids and thinks it's funny to splash you in the tub. I can already tell he's a smart one. All in all he's a delightful baby, rarely cries even now, when he's battling a bit of a sinus/chest cold. He's got a great smile and is the best present ever. I hope all of you that decide to breed get one just like him.

Happy Birthday, my boy.

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