Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's been a busy two months

Well, first off I was hugely pregnant all of December which didn't add to my desire to be creative (including blogging anything worthwile). Then with the winter holidays going on it got a little crazy here. Christmas day came and with it a lovely baby boy! Maximilian Robert was born December 25th at 2:50 in the afternoon.

We've been adjusting nicely to having the new addition. Then with the CPSC stuff going on regarding selling handmade baby items I've been trying to redefine my sale items or scrapping them all together until things change. I dont' make a whole lot, and really everything I do make goes right back to buying more materials, but it's a fun outlet and people that do buy my items seem to enjoy them.

We also had another first in the house, with Alex and a loose tooth. We had out first missing tooth in our household the night before the inauguration.

All in all, it's been a busy couple of months. This year I plan to blog some free tutes, pattern reviews (and other reviews), home school stuff and some more just of life as a mom of five. I hope you'll stick with me and check out my blog occasionally.

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