Saturday, December 26, 2009

I can snap

Hot damn, that's one beautiful baby bean. About two months ago I tried my hand at growing some snap peas from seeds. I planted some inside and some out. The outside beans fared far better than the inside ones though they took much longer to sprout. Though they were dug up by the cats and replanted they still sprouted strong healthy shoots. Now they're some three feet tall gorgeous green vines sporting some nice heavy white blooms.

Those blooms are shedding and these long delicious looking beans are replacing them. Snap peas like a nice cold snap. The cooler air spurs them on. I'm hoping by Januray I'll have my first stir fry.

I wasn't sure about growing these at first considering my terrible garden luck so far this year. These beans proved me happily wrong. I did have to run out and buy a trellis though. They grew taller than the stakes and hemp rope support system I rigged. I should have listened when the package said they get about six feet tall. Again, one of those little tidbits of garden education I'm picking up on this journey. (Listen to the package people, it knows what it's talking about).

Inside I should have used a grow light. The poor peas shot up quickly in the window but the limited afternoon sun they got produced thing shoots and small leaves. Nothing like the robust outside vines. I also have a hard time with replanting things if I start them in smaller sprouting containers. I must stop doing that. Just throw them in the ground Crystal and leave them be.

Next year I won't be content with just one package. I forsee snap pea trellises lining the privacy fence come next December with yards of snap peas hanging fat on the vine.

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