Monday, December 14, 2009

Family photos

Got our photos done at the Picture People last Friday. Wow. What a pain in the ass that was. Emmy, as usual, had been the chaotic catalyst, running thither and hither while she screamed at the photographer "That not nice!!!" about a dozen times throwing herself on the floor and throwing things at the poor guy just trying to do his job. 

Parenting Tip #459 Don't schedule photos and forget to tell the other people that will be in the photos until the night before.

Parenting Tip #459.5 Don't schedule photos for the morning after a six day vacation. Just don't.

It was a mad dash to drop off the Uhaul and get all the way to the mall by 10am. We made it about 3 minutes too late. I had them start on Max's birthday photos while I ran off to find Alex some black pants and Emmy white tights.

Then, I took off to get coffee because I needed it. More photos when I got back, walked around aimlessly but thankfully didn't spend any money and then came back to look at, pay for and wait more time for the photos to get printed.

All in all, they came out relatively well. No one was picking their noses at least. After they were done I realized, looking despondently at the finished shoot photos, Alex really, really needed a haircut. Oh well.

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