Thursday, December 24, 2009

Teeth lost. Pillows made.

Alex lost his third tooth. It's just the third in a long procession of teeth that will be lost in this house. His first one was a milestone that freaked us both out. It fell out while he was eating and he thought it was a bone so he spit it out and threw it across the floor in a very freaked out manner. We all spent the next twenty minutes searching for the thing on hands and knees. I think I'll remember that forever if not just because it was his first tooth. The gaping raw hole left behind was what freaked me out. The second quickly followed suit in a less memorable manner.

This last took a good half a month to wiggle it's way out. My next in line, Olivia, hasn't had any loose yet (though she is throughly convinced they're all falling out) but she's getting up there in years where it's an inevitablity. I'm sure when that happens I'll cry like I did over my first's first tooth, hopefully with less grossness and searching. Apparently, now that the top left tooth is gone Alex can whistle. A skill that has elluded him and caused much frustration, especially when his sister has been flaunting her whistle-ness at him since she was three.

The first two teeth were a surprise when they jumped ship from his mouth so we were poorly prepared. The toothfairy got a plastic ziplock with a tooth in it. It was crazy noisy when I, the embodiment of the tooth fairy, went to replace it with a dollar. Since this next tooth loosing episode happened during the day and right before nap time, I cleared the table and we all sat down to our first sewing project: making tooth fairy pillows.

I pulled out my stash of 100% wool felt imported from Austrailia. Normally, this would be used for other things - handsewn pin cushions or maraca balls - but I haven't had the chance to make anything like that for awhile so this was just sitting, collecting dust in the closet. We cut them into a long rectangle and folded them in half. Mainly, so the kids wouldn't have to sew so much. I threaded needles and set them each to work after a brief tutorial. It went fairly well. I helped sew on the pockets because it was hard for them to stab blindly through the fabric. No one's flesh got poked or stabbed. I call that a good day.

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