Friday, October 15, 2010

Why I sometimes feel like I'm taking crazy pills

Cordelia "Mom, do you think toothless is real?" (from the movie How to Train Your Dragon FYI)
Me "I don't know, maybe sometime it was real, probably not now." (me trying not to disillusion my 5 year old)
Cordelia "I wish toothless was real."
Me "That would be neat. I think toothless is cute."
Cordi "Who's cute?"
Me "Toothless."
Cordelia "Who's toothless? Livi is missing her front teeth but she's not toothless."
Me "The dragon."
Cordelia "What dragon?"
Me "In the movie."
Cordelia "What movie?"
Me "How to train your dragon."
Cordelia "Oh, we just bought that. Do you think toothless is real?"