Thursday, October 14, 2010

A call to arms

well, maybe more like a call to your cutting table. I'm in need of some vintage yellow 6.5" quilt squares. Blues/greens/pinks are welcome too but with some sort of yellow involved.

Emmy informed me the other day "When you make my ye-wouw bankie?" and when a three year old looks at you in a certain doe-eyed way there really isn't anything much you can do but graciously acquiesce.

I was thinking of doing a swap. I have a plethora of fabrics longing to be cut into something. I can send back as many squares as I am sent. I have a good stash right now but only about 6 differnent patterns and definately not enough for a twin sized quilt.

If you're interested in helping me make a little curly haired babe's wish come true, send me a message at and we can arrange the swap.

If you need coaxing here you go.

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