Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gifts for a Girl

I've been keeping this project secret for four days now. I can barely contain myself. I'm actually writing this blog post earlier than I'll post it because I still want it to be secret. After lunch, we're headed to a little girl's birthday party. I've known this little one since she was still gestating in her mama's belly.

I used the pattern in the book One-Yard Wonders. The book is great for fairly simple projects with limited resources.  Unfortunately, the project I picked -the Fabric Dollhouse- wasn't at all simple.

I like to pride myself that I can figure out how to do stuff with minimal directions but this house nearly drove me insane. Though now that I know how to do it, it's actually quite simple.

The hardest part was the lack of measurements and the discrepancy between the house they show you they made and the instructions they provide. Their house has a roof and a garden. The directions have you making a house that's all the same color interior/exterior.

Everything for this I had on hand which is pretty amazing. I even stole photos off the mom's facebook page and printed them on inkjet compatible fabric.

And of course, true to my nature, I didn't add the proper number of button closures and didn't put enough batting in the thing so it's a little delapidated. Things I have learned over the past four days. 1. Don't start a handmade present that requires this much work without at least a weeks notice.  

2. Directions are for suckers.

3. I suck at hand sewing.

4. Don't make fun new projects infront of the same age/gender children you're not giving anything to.
My girls won't stop asking for one now.

I used lots of buttons for embelishments; the rose shaped ones for the rose bushes outside, the flowers in the garden, the door knob on the front door. The rest is pieces cut from wool felt and hand stitched with embroidery floss. The doll is one of my Bestest Friends that I handpainted. There is another girl but she wasn't done "getting dressed".

I hope she likes it.


jenplusfive said...

That is adorable. I wish I knew how to sew better.

plaidshoes said...

I think it looks great! I have that book and almost made the dollhouse. Then I really looked at it and decided it would be a lot more work then it appeared :-) I am sure the little girl will love it!

sproutingflowers said...

If I'd have gotten that for a birthday present when I was a kid, I'd have thought I had died and gone to dollhouse heaven!

Kitschy Coo said...

Fabulous! Sorry it was such an ordeal to make, but at least you know how for the next one :)

Crystal said...

Jen- thanks! It wasn't too hard, just a lot of it!

Plaidshoes- It depends on how much you put into it, I've seen really simple ones and very elaborate and they're all great!

Sproutingflowers- my girls each want one. I'm not sure I'm up for making three more!

Kitschy- once I scrapped the directions and just went with it, it was fine. Then there was the elusive "pinning method" which I had never heard of, had no direction on how to do and had to figure out means "Just wing it and hope it all works out"