Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lights out

A few days ago the usually afternoon shower came by. It's hurricane season which means we get a lot of storms. I love it. The rain is soothing. Hubby and I had even dreamed of moving somewhere more precipitous. Like Ireland or Oregon.

It was dinnertime and the pasta just came off the stove in time for the power to go out. Flickering lights are a given but this time it stayed off for almost an hour. I'm glad I made the soy candles a few months ago. I placed them around the kitchen creating pockets of warm yellow glow. The kids loved it.

But rain deluges don't get me out of homestead chores. The only outside animals are the rabbits. Dinner, for them, still needed to be served. I don't mind the rain but it does put a little note in my mind that when we move I'm sorely unprepared for trekking across marshy meadows. Flipflops on my handmade deck are what works for now. It will come though. Needs will be met as they come.

Which is how I'm trying to take everything. Excitement can make me over-eager to get things before we're ready. It will happen. We'll get on our land where need for true muck boots will be a necessity, not just a vision of things to come. Slowing down and appreciating how things are and how they will be settles my restless heart.

Having the lights out for a short time helped me to see.

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Fujisawa Rob said...

Like I said, the Pacific Northwest has more rainy days, but we get almost double the total rainfall per year. The storms are more intense by far.