Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm broke, leave me alone.

My debit card number got stolen at some point and I there are two charges pending in my bank account that are unaccounted for. My bank is awesome (thanks, USAA!) and have started proceedings to get them off. But now I have to wait for it to get redeposited, wait for a new debit card and get to be paranoid about anything else that happens.

I'm stalking my bank account like a crazed ex.

It's not fun.


Sarah Faith said...

yes USAA is awesome. glad you have them and not say, Bank of America. bleh.
hope it gets worked out. how violating and awful.

Melanie J. said...

naturally on a friday, when you're already scrambling to make a fresh start...hugs to you, girl, hang in there!

Fujisawa Rob said...

I wish there was a way to tell where the number was compromised. Did we eat at any rinky-dink restaurants or anything like that lately?