Friday, September 24, 2010

The next six

My head is close to implosion with everything floating around in there. Part of the problem is the disorganization, clutter and overwhelming amount of stuff that has to get done over the next six months.

There is so much on the plate that has no clear definition or path. Things have to get done but I don't really have a clue as to how to get them checked off my list. I have an overwhelming desire to just sweep everything out and start anew. From scratch. Bare. Pure.

Though I realize that won't fix really any of my problems. No solutions will come from starting over, my issues aren't really with things. It's just something that I can control, is tangible. Six months isn't even a set in stone date. It's just a number I came up with, a passage of time that I feel comfortable with. Something to soothe my frazzled state.

I'm hoping that much of our problems will be done in the next six. I'm hoping at least to have goals and definitions for the myriad of things knocking on my door by that time. Until then, I'm just a hard working hot mess trying to find at least a little joy.

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