Monday, July 12, 2010

Wooden Hanging Organization Tags -Tutorial

I am desperately trying to organize my craft stuff. I have carved out a tiny seven by four foot space in the dining/living/entry room for which I have only crafty stuff. I also have a bunch of fabric stacked up in the only real downstairs closet. I'm working on thinning out my stash. Really, I am.

In the mean time I need a place to store all my goodies that doesn't really look like I'm storing craft stuff above the diningroom table. I found these great wicker baskets on clearance at Joann's today and decided these would be great. Trouble is, I can't see what's in them and labeling wicker doesn't really work. So, I searched through my supplies and came up with these: Hanging Wooden Labels.

Materials -
yarn or ribbon
sharpie paint pen
round wooden discs

a power drill with a 1/4-1/8" bit depending on your yarn thickness though you could just thread the yarn in  a needle and poke it through that way.

CAREFULLY- I cannot express how careful you need to be here- drill a hole through the disc near the top.

Write on it.

Thread the yarn through.

Tie it to the basket.

This project is really inexpensive and if you have better penmanship than I do, you could make some really beautiful labels for your stuff. You could also use a wood burner to write it...which I would have done if I didn't just this second think of it.

These would be cute decorating drawers, gift baskets, book bags, lunch boxes, heck, all kinds of stuff that needs labeling.

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