Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Handmade Holidays - Lacing Cards

I'm taking full advantage of my new ink jet printer for our holiday gifts this year. My newest project is making lacing cards for Emmy, my three year old (who will be three and a half by the holidays).

This is an under ten dollar project granted you have access to a color printer.


chip board (I got mine free from the scrapbook store, they said they get it with the paper and usually just throw it out)
regular printing/copying paper
color printer
mod podge and brush
hole punch
shoe laces or lacing cords (I got a package of 12 lacing cords from Michaels for $2.00 with a 50% off coupon)
Images (Mine came from www.the-lilypad.com by Kate Hadfield but you can use free ones)


I used Publisher to make four images on one sheet, they measure approx 3x4" but you can make them as large as you'd like.

Print them on standard white copy/printer paper.

Cut out the images. I left a small white border around mine but you don't have to.

Spread mod podge along the back and then glue it down on the chip board.

Paint more mod podge on the front extending over the image onto the chip board.

Let it dry completely before cuting out the images. I left a border of chip board around the image to keep the seal on the image to the chip board.

Using the hole punch, make holes around the entire image approximately 1/4"-1/3" apart.

Tie a knot on one end of your lace and start lacing!

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Mod Podge Amy said...

So cute - love the gnome!