Saturday, June 12, 2010

Something for the Ladies

I'm going to talk today about something that is a bit of a taboo subject.

I'm going to give you a moment to back out of the post now before anyone's delicate sensibilites are offended.

Go on. It's okay. I don't mind.

For everyone else, our topic today is Menstruation.

First let me explain that just about every person in my family has been treated for or died of some type of cancer. Seriously. My maternal grandmother and grandfather, my aunt, at least one distant cousin, recently my grandmother's sister and a whole lot of other "great" people that I don't know. And this is just what I do know having been estranged from my family for most of my life.

That kind of thing can make a person a bit nervous. It can make a person think hard about the choices laid before her. I've stopped doing a lot of things that have had cancer-causing links. I don't dye my hair anymore, I've stopped using aluminum-based deodorants and this week started making reusable cloth maxi pads.

It's a slow process, completely changing around your life. Its hard to shuck a lifetime of beliefs and try things that aren't popular, are a little strange or just a tad taboo. But it's for health, the cornerstone of life. So, I give few apologies.

I made these pads using a few different methods. First was a pattern I bought from Uber Domestic on Etsy*.
Nyki is uber-helpful, too. I made the blue fabric pads with organic bamboo velour, natural cotton batting and 100% cotton quilt fabric. These are little liners.

Inside of the liner pads.

The pink spectrum (I'm all about color) are "regular" pads. Made with a layer of Zorb in the middle. Since I was having trouble with the strechy velour, I opted for flannel to work until I get better at the pattern.

Inside of the "regular" size.

I didn't realize at first, that I color coded them but it actually works out. When they're all folded up (see the photo above) it's easier to pull out the required size without having to unwrap them. I continuted the trend making the overnight sized pads in greens.

I also tried a different technique with the pinks, you can see it on the far right. Overall, they're super easy to make and I'm actually looking forward to my cycle this month and not because we're in a pregnancy scare. Today I'm finishing up two overnights and making a wet bag to hang on the toilet paper holder in the bathroom. If I get good at making them, I might stock some in my Etsy store, but one thing at a time.

I'd love to hear from others if you have or currently use cloth pads or if I've piqued your interest in trying them out.

*Uber Domestic can also be found right here on Blogger.


Becca said...

I have used cloth pads, but I'd only managed to get just a few so far. And they're strictly for home use. Just too bulky for me to wear out comfortably. When I leave the house, I use natural disposables. It's what is working so far though it'll probably change.

Taryn Kae Wilson said...

Wow, they turned out really well! I am impressed with your sewing skills. I love all the different colors! How fun!
I use mine all the time. (Not lately because I'm pregnant for the first time.) Using them has saved me so much money over the years, is good for my health and the health of the planet. I applaud all women who use cloth pads!! Hooray!

Kaylala said...

You know what...I've known people that use them (usually forum people) but never have my self...But I think I just might give it a shot now!

Crystal said...

I'm finishing up the last of them today. Total I'll have five overnight size, eight regular and seven liners. I'm thinking that might not be enough but I ran out of the Zorb material I was making the larger pads from. This month will be a trial run and we'll see where I go from there.

I'm glad there are other that use them and that I might have inspired more women to look into them. :)