Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Goings On

I have been carless since last Monday. Rob made it home from Army drill Sunday night with assistance from a tow truck. Since he has to go to work every day, he's been taking my car. He worked hard Saturday and Sunday to get it fixed but there's still a few more things that need to be done. Which means I'm housebound again this week and kinda going nuts.

I did get out on Saturday with only three kids in tow and made it over to the grocery store and farmers market before the skys opened up. We have a seven day a week farmers market over here that I've been going to for years. It's where I get my local Amish made onion cheese which is to. die. for. This past weekened they had a sale on bing cherries. $1.49 a pound. I bought about six dollars worth.

Sunday, that got turned into this.

Yesterday, after watching numerous YouTube videos, I decided Conner needed a haircut. I only very poorly trimmed him once. In these 100 degree- 100 percent humid Florida days, I have to be vigilant in the care of the Angoras. It's one of the reasons we have so few breeders in the state. I hadn't realize how long his coat had gotten until I got the shears in there and started cutting it away. His coat was at least 2.5" long. Three is the recommended length for trimming but I can't wait for that.

He was such a good boy, sitting still in my lap while I slowly clipped away his winter jacket. He's been having a rough time of it. Duncan has been marking him (which means he's been getting pissed on). Being first time rabbit owners and not having this problem until about a week ago, had no idea why Conner was getting so dirty! We thought maybe he was too young to know how to care for himself or maybe he was sick. But upon closer inspection and research I realized Duncan was the culprit. We put a board between the cages and the problem has been solved. Now to clean up the bunny.

I didn't get quite all of him done yesterday. Today will start round two of his haircut. I still need to do his neck, shoulders and cheeks where a lot of mats form, around his sides and tops of his feet and trim off a bit on his belly. The belly and bottom of feet hair have to stay to guard against the cage wire but it needs to be cleaned up.

It's gotta feel so much better out there.

I ended up with almost a full ounce of hair that I've put in a plastic bag to save for spinning. I also found a breeder up near our land that has a good bit of does ready. We're going up to the land on the 4th weekend and could pick them up on the way back home. I still have a little trepidation in my heart after Flora but I need to move on if this is what I really want in life. And it is.

Last night, while Rob and Alex were at puppy class with Leeloo and the other kids were already tucked in bed, I decided to pull out the knitting. Most of the sewing projects are either completed or at a stage where I can pause. It's nice to mix it up a bit. I started a gnome.

Sometimes, I look around and think my life would be so much easier without all the constant projects. I can't go anywhere without something new piquing my interest, something I want to try. My to-do list is miles long as it is. But in all honesty, the life of a homesteader is chock full of things to be done everyday, as is the life of a mother and homeschooler.

To be self-sufficient means doing things yourself. It's not a life for everyone but it is the life for me.  

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