Thursday, October 15, 2009

CD Experiment DAY ONE

-donning white lab coat - adjusts nerdy glasses - glances studiously at clip board

Day one of our experiment went off without a hitch, or leak as it were. We started with cloth in the morning and ended up using 7 diapers and covers by the end of the day. Not bad by my standards. Of course, with only having three covers it meant I had to do laundry last night and make sure I hung up the covers to dry. That little folding octopus clothes hanger from IKEA works great for it (and it's only $5).

For bed we used a disposable with an additional liner. We get the liners in 30 packs from Toys/Babies R Us. Publix used to sell them for .50 a bag cheaper but they got discontinued. *sigh* The TRU 30 pack is $3.49. Those little eight cent things make a regular diaper into an overnight, waterhouse. You can use them in cloth diapers too.

This morning (day two) we woke and immediately donned our cloth diapers. Emmy loves them and requested the "poke de dot" cover, the only patterned/colored cover we have. She's quite pleased with her dotted cushy tushy.

My Cotton Babies order shipped so hopefully by mid next week I have a new hanging wet diaper bag and a handful more covers to extend my need to wash every day. So far having almost double a prefold stash has been working out. Also, this morning Max is constipated and having lots of teeny #2's so I've kept the same cover since nothing's touched it and used three of the prefolds. Imagine if I had gone through 4 diapers for him already this morning!

All in all, we're doing well. I'm optimistic that I'll be able to go the 30 days on one pack of disposables.

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