Friday, October 23, 2009

Make your own apple chips

I like apple chips but damn if they're not expensive! I'm taking advantage of the season to make my own. I was able to get apples for .83 a pound and bought about 12 lbs. the easiest way to do this is

1. Clean the apples
2. Core them (I have a nifty pampered chef corer but you could do it with a knife.
3. Grab your mandolin slicer (picked mine up from walmart for about $5) set on thick and slice them up.

You'll end up with thin donut shaped apple slices which you just lay flat on your dehydrator trays. They'll stick together if you overlap them. Let it go about 9-12 hours and you've got apple chips for a fraction of the price. They'll keep for a long time in mason jars with O2 absorbers.

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