Monday, September 7, 2009

My sites and contact stuff

Ok,so I promise to get a new tute up soon! I'm totally fighting some illness in me and my babes so, you know, that comes first :) I did want to share all the nifty ways you can link up to me online. I seem to be spread all over though I try and minimize the thinning of my attentions. Even if you don't follow, friend or link to me, there's some great information on these sites and some of it is just fun.

I like twitter though it can get confusing as a "chat" format. I'm following some of my favorite authors like @LKHamilton and @lara_adrian as well as Rachel from Signing Time @ST_Rachel it's a lot of fun to get a peek into their lives and sometimes they even respond to me!

I'm still learning though I'm adept at getting around on FB now. Again, I am a fan of Rachel and a few others. This is more a public chat forum. If you have a friend they can see what others post on your "Wall" unless you do a private message through your inbox. I love it! I was able to reconnect with a lot of old friends and most of my New Hampshire family.

This is a wonderful site! You can keep track of books you're reading, have read and want to read. You can see friends reviews of books and become fans and follow authors. Some authors are on GR and you can see what they're reading and what they thought. It's a nice way to keep track of books too. I have so many series that aren't complete, I can review them on there and even see upcoming releases.

This is my online shop for my sewing crafts. There's some jewlery up there too. I try and make everythign affordable, heirloom quality and original. It's getting cold again and I'll be listing some scoodies soon, check those out.

We have a few blogs up besides this one that can be fun to follow:

This is my personal writing blog. I'm exploring my creative words. I've been posting a Blog-A-Day with some older poetry I wrote as a teen and updates on my current writing process and progress.

This is a joint blog for Rob and I as we share our progress and ideas as we build out house on a five acre lot in Lake Butler, FL. We'll be using recycled materials and building debt free...which might be a long process. We're also converting a school bus to an RV. Exploring alternative water and energy sources as we build a self sufficient homestead.

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