Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home School Field Trip - Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)

Yeah for science!!! And bigger YEAH for hands-on science that's air conditioned! Back in the day, I won't say how long but it was awhile, MOSI had a bunch of stuff in an open air corridor. They've changed a lot since then but it's still a great place.

I took the kids again, during Swaptember so we got in free which is good because the prices are right up there with the aquarium at $20 or so bucks a head. Parking is free. Though one thing that irks me is they keep having these touring displays like "The Body" at an extra cost. A while back it was extra to go to the Sesame Street exhibit, hard thing to take the kids even with a membership and have to pay extra (quite a chunk extra talking about paying for 5-6 people) to see what they really wanted to in the first place.

There was a bunch of MOSI that wasn't finished or held no displays. I think for the money they could have come up with something though what they do have is very nice. It's clean and the hands on displays have all the pieces excluding maybe one or two exhibits.

The day we went we lucked out and the gift shop was having a store wide sale. I bought a lot of Astronaut ice cream. Damn, that stuff is good. And they were having 20% off membership. I went ahead and got us a standard (minus the IMAX) family pass for just under $80. Yes, if we want to go to the movies we'll have to pay but with a membership it's discounted to about $6 a ticket which is cheaper than the regular theater and a good option for date nights.

The kids loved the freedom of MOSI. The only thing that irked me was in the Kids In Charge zone they had inflatables, like a ginormous slide and a room full of bounce houses. Sounds great, but not when you have to pay to use them, they have a silly height limit by seven year old barely passed and you're a solitary parent chasing after 5 kids as they run in all the directions on a compass rose in varying quickness.

Overall, it's a really nice, clean place to get some hands on fun and I look forward to enjoying more visits with my curious kids.

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