Monday, August 10, 2009

IKEA for the homestead

Who would have looked at Ikea and thought "I could get some great homestead stuff there" but
the uber-modern blue and yellow beacon is chock full of homesteading surprises. Part of the allure of Ikea is the design concept of working effectively and efficiently in small spaces; a
concept well in the heart of a homesteader. Like many fancy, overpriced city apartments, Homesteads generally run on the smaller side, combining work functions in single spaces. Homesteading and Urban life also parallel in economics; finding the least expensive and best usable item for the space available. "Going Green" is a concept that spans both environments
and is no stranger to Ikea. Limited packaging, reusable bags, and sustainably made products are inviting for any homestead.

But whether your homestead is city limited or rurally spread, Ikea has a lot of great items that
will assist you in your day to day. Here are a few of my favorite homestead items.

Height adjustable clothes dryer
The best idea for hanging laundry on a rainy day. Spacing saving design; lower to hang clothes and raise up to dry, store it raised up and you can hang laundry virtually anywhere in your house without taking up valuable floor space. Some ideas are over the tub, over the kitchen sink, on a screen porch. Just remember that wet clothes can drip! And don't forget the clothes pins! IKEA also sells the best I've ever used, 50 pack for $1.99.

Fold-away guest bed
This bed is great for guests, camping, sleepovers and rv's. Lightweight and easily stored. Would fit under a bed and hang in the back of a closet with ease, even with the matress. No need for a seperate sleep area for guests, cheaper than a Murphy bed and takes up less space. Plus the added benefit of being easily portable, take them with you when you go visiting or want to hole up with sick or expecting livestock!


Self-watering Plant Pot
$4.99 to $9.99 depending on size

I can't wait to get my hands on some of these pots! They're basically small "Earth Boxes". They have a pipe that goes down to the bottom chamber to provide water from the bottom up, encouraging the plants to shoot down firm roots to get to the water. The small is 9x9 and the larger almost 12x12 with indentations for carrying on the outside. These would be wonderful for an urban homesteader that has limited outdoor space and great for rural homesteaders to use in greenhouses and kitchen gardens. There is also a larger pot on wheels that is self-watering that runs $19.99 and is round.

Wooden, Modular Shelving
Price varies

I can't wait to get my pantry set up with the IVAR system. A wonderful solid, untreated wood shelving system that fits virtually any space. The shelves are adjustable to 1" increments providing the perfect fitting space with little waste. Shelves vary from 17" to 33" lengths and 12" to 20" depths. Storage drawers, cabinet doors, corner shelves, clothes railsand shoe racks make this system virturally indespensable. The photo above isn't from IKEA, it's our diningroom wall set up with IVAR as shelving for books, homeschooling, kitchen tools and emergency supplies. As you can see, we used one desk with a trofast bin and rails to make a desk with pull out drawer and it's own work light.

We're considering using the IVAR for an entertainment center/bookshelf area, our final homeschool room, shelving in the shed and barn and the pantry/utility room.

Have fun shopping (I know I do!) and remember products can be used for more than one function!


Anonymous said...

I bought a NEKTARIN I have no idea how to use it.

Crystal said...

Sorry I can't help! I haven't gotten mine yet. According to the directions they're quite helpful if you call customer support.

Skooks said...

Have you actually slept on that guest bed before? Is it comfortable? If it is, that would be awesome to have . . .