Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Movie Night

I try very hard to limit the amount of TV my kids watch and censor what they view. Though, it seems that they end up watching TV at some point each day. Usually, in the mornings while I'm trying to wake up my brain. Once a week, I get the kids, grab some grub and put on a family movie that we can all enjoy. It's become a tradition on either Friday or Saturday nights. I think it helps pass the time through the week as they try and maintain their behaivor to earn this priviledge.

Amelia sampling the offerings.

For food, it varies, though I like to make something easy and that won't make too big a mess in the livingroom. Eating in front of the TV is also part of the treat. Sometimes I'll pop up a huge bowl of air popcorn and make a fruit salad, maybe homemade pizza, other times a raw fruit, veggie and nut tray like this night. I also made a fresh loaf of herb and cheese bread which they ate with gusto.
Emmy and the food.

Olivia enraptured with Veggie Tales.
It's nice to be appreciated for the food I make and it's very nice to have this hour or two each week to settle down with my brood and cuddle and laugh and eat. I like to make this night cheap too. Staying in has just as much appeal to kids as going to the movies, even watching a movie they've seen lots of times. We do have cable, so I am able to get a movie off the free on-demand. My neighbors sometimes loan us movies we haven't seen which is always a special treat, as it comes from them. All in all, it's a really great night. They go to bed easily after the movies over and they know we'll do it again. Soon. I can't wait for Rob to come home from Iraq to share this special night with us.

Engrossed Alex.

Cordi likes dancing vegetables. With no arms. That weild swords anyway. And hover.

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