Friday, August 13, 2010

Can't see the garden for the weeds

I've let myself become neglectant of the garden. Maybe it was because the zucchini died, the corn collapsed and the tomatoes became brittle brown sticks. Though, parts of the garden are still flourishing, I honestly couldn't tell what was wanted and what was weeds.

I tried to mow yesterday but I gave myself blisters from trying to pull-start it. Apparently, there's a cord that needs replacing and has absolutely nothing to do with my embarassing lack of upper body strength. Nothing at all. Really. 

I went to Lowe's after a wonderful lunch with hubby at this fabulous Italian deli. I am scouring the city in search of cull lumber to build a chicken coop. Cull for an animal is a very bad word. Cull for lumber is very, very good. Cull lumber is the pieces of wood that are left over after people get them cut. Or they're warped, cracked and otherwise unsellable wood. These are sold at a very small price (depending on store) and usually kept in a cart by the huge lumber cutter or in the back. If you can't see a cart, ask*. Yesterday, I got a cart of plywood plus a few other boards for .64. Yes, I am head over heels for cull lumber. The deck and the hod are almostly completely cull.

Things that prevented us from jumping into poultry have been cancelled and I want to correct the fact that I have never actually held a chicken. A live one, I mean.

I also needed a square shovel to scoop rabbit poop. I've been wanting one for a while now. I have very simple needs. But while I was in the garden section I spotted a very pretty, very handy tool that I felt I had to have, too. An electric weed wacker**. Take that overgrown-ness.

*Using the term "cull" at the lumber yard makes you sound knowledgeable and not merely an idiot with power tools. They also like it when you climb into the lumber cart to find your cheap cull-gems. At least, a lot of men people were smiling when I climbed out of it today. It's hard to tell when you have ear buds in if they're laughing at you or with you.

**I think my neighbors are also happy that I have invested in one and won't continue the past four year trend of borrowing theirs.

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