Monday, April 20, 2009

The start of a dream

For over 8 years we've been itching to build our own house. We start out planning what we'd do and then it fizzles out as doubt and speculation emerge. Bringing our dream to a negative halt. A few years later we pick it up again and the cycle continued. This year we decided to take a step towards this dream. We decided to purchase some land.

We found this great company with some really great people. Our realtor Doug was such a great guy. Non-pressuring and helpful, with lots of other characteristics not usually seen in real estate guys (I know I worked for some). Jim Jean realty is a family owned business run by Jim and some of his six kids. Our brood of 5 and I were warmly welcomed into their offices.

I made the 2 hr hike up to Gainesville to check out some land I found on their site in an area called Beville Estates. 5.3 acres to be exact. It's set out in the country but not too far from the city and all the regular amenities of urban life. The land was a sod farm that was broken up into twenty 5-acre lots. Each lot only allows for 1 single family home more than 1000 sq. feet. Which was wonderful because we knew that no developer was going to come in and stick 200 homes next to ours.

With Rob in Iraq, the second part is probably being more difficult which is choosing and laying out a floorplan. Although, with him so far away it's probably better since we can't get into arguments over details quite so easily.

Here's a shot of our land...

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