Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm about to go hippy on you

Which isn't that odd considering I rarely get a chance to shower. Many people probably think I am a hippy with my Unitarian Universalist bumperstickers, lack of showering and at the best of times at least one mismatched and/or dirty kid. But here I delve into another concept other than personal hygine and car decor, the topic of Homesteading.

Homesteading, what's that? Isn't that the credit I get on my taxes or something?? Well, at least in Florida it is but it's also a movement towards going backwards. How's that for confusing! In our search to find alternative (and inexpensive yet reliable) construction options I stumbled upon this fabulous concept called Homesteading. Homesteaders come in a whole kelidescope of depths. You can even be an Urban Homesteader!

Many Homesteaders I've come across are mild to spicy Christians. So if you're not so inclined in beliefs, try and sift out the pertinent information. Another word for Homesteading might be Sustaining. Sustainability is a word getting thrown around a whole lot by some pretty big wig non-sustainable Corps. It's almost ironic if it wasn't so sad really because their misuse of the word and concept is getting marred by their dependence on providing non-sustainable goods.

It really gets me that they give out reuseable GROCERY/SHOPPING bags. Yes, I too am moving away from plastic bags BUT the point would be to NOT keep shopping!!!!

Enter in Homesteading.

This brilliant little idea gives power back to people. Imagine not having to run to the store every time you needed something. Imagine knowing HOW to make your own consumable products, like soap, candles and cleaners and knowing WHAT is in each and every product! Forget highpriced organic veggies, grow your own! There is an abundance of information out there just waiting to be snatched up and put to good use.

Can't make/grow your own? Look into a community garden or find other local homesteaders. Put your money into the hands of others that share these foundations of freedom.

Some of my favorite homesteading sites are

Wow, building debt free, living off the land, leaving stressful jobs to be with your family, homeschooling, limited/no TV, living with less and so many other ideas verging on hippy. It's almost like the natural, granola movement but set about 100 years before that...

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