Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I haven't been chatting lately because my brain is on super-automatic-overload which should be a setting on my washing machine. My hundred billion mile a minute brain hasn't been functioning well enough to give you a decent blog post. Heck, it probably still isn't at top notch but I wanted to let everyone know that yes, I am still alive. I haven't actually dipped past crazy. And I am probably likely on my way out of last weeks depressive slump. Thanks for all the encouraging words, they are truly appreciated.

So, while my brain has been super active, so has the rest of me and us.

I made pumpkin pie french toast (recipe may be forthcoming later this week).

I finished the girls halloween costumes (I might have a real tutorial for that later as well).

 I made a reversable halloween/harvest banner (instructions are already up here).

We celebrated Halloween by Trick or Treating with a friend.

Yesterday and today I've been feverously typing away for NaNoWriMo. Alex has joined me with a 1k word count he's 10% completed.

I've proceesed pumpkins and squash and dehydrated a zillion organic red delicious apples into chips. I'm going to try the dried apple sauce from the Little House Cookbook. I'll let you know how that comes out.

We're doing good. We're at least doing. We'll get to where we need to be, I just need to remember to enjoy where I am.


Melanie J. said...

Oh goodness, thank you for that last line! In this complete-lack-of-autumn-in-Florida, I've been stuck on permanent wistful, wishing I could wiggle my nose and have it be next year, when we're hoping to move to NC. Living in the present can be such a toughie. Glad to see you're rallying a bit, hope the move is coming along.

Crystal said...

Yes, Florida leaves fall until the last possible minute. It's hard for me to get into "winter" mode with anything here. But I do appreciate the long growing season. I am still harvesting arugula and figs!