Saturday, November 21, 2009

Support System

I know this photo is ridiculously large but I wanted to really show these tiny tendrils to you. I was outside today taking photos of the garden and kids. The weather is still accommodating for new growth and these snap peas have really taken off over the past few weeks. I hope they make it through and give me something before the cold sets in for good but what will be will be.

Getting back to the point, what dawned on me while I was snapping the snap peas is their ability to support themselves. Epiphany struck and I started thinking about human support systems. You see, these little seedlings don't have any inhibitions; they need a lift up, they reach out, they seize the closest thing that will help them. Sometimes it's a sturdy branch, one that will support them throughout their lives, never wavering. Other times it's a neighbors own outstretched hand. The bond may last. They may grow apart. They make multiple anchors throughout their lives just in case one fails, they won't fall. They provide a strong support system for the babies they produce.

They reach out, grab a hold and hold on. They don't apologize for needing help. They're not ashamed when the weight of their lives gets too heavy for them and they need support.

It got me thinking about the times in my life where I've needed assistance. Did I ask for help or try and shoulder things too heavy? Who was there to grab my hand? Is there anyone in my life now, extending their hands looking for support? Even if I can't be someone's sturdy branch, can I link with someone as we help each other?

It may be silly, finding these little life altering gems of realization, in things as innocuous as a snap pea tendril but maybe it's taking the time to find those things

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viggie said...

It's not silly, I thought it was very insightful :)