Friday, November 13, 2009

Long weekend

We're going away this weekend for mandatory Army fun. Really, it should be a pretty nice time. We're getting put up in a Marriott, most all expenses paid (or reimbursed) and get some free child care. Nice. It's getting ready for the 2 nights and 1.5 days we'll be gone that's a doozey. You just don't realize how much stuff 7 people need until you have to pack said people and enough stuff to get them through that short time into an Astro. We should really invest in one of those plastic roof thingies that until recently I thought was a roof top dog crate. Hey, sometimes those neurons just take a day off.

It's been getting progressively colder here. We're sitting at about 61 right now, dips a little cooler at night and rises into the 70's at full sun. I'm a little worried about my baby garden. I've been painstakingly out there every day to clear the beds, water and pull any dead leaves off. Virtually every garlic has sprouted, the shallots are raising their many fingered hands from the soil and the long wispy grasses of the onions are edging near a foot long. The new beefsteak tomato plant has quite a few nice blooms. I think the cherry tomato is feeling a little nervous about being outdone by the new guy and has sprouted a third blooming for the year. The outside snap peas are shorter but thicker than the inside ones but should do great in the cold. We're not looking at anything below mid-fifties this weekend so frosts shouldn't be an issue. I still worry though. Maybe I'm more a farmer than I thought.

Alex has been learning distance in math and just loves the GPS so he might get navigator duty on the trip. That's still up for debate though. I'm annoyed my MP3 player died. I haven't had any money since I had to buy that stupid dress and shoes at the mall the chance to replace it yet which means I get to swap out CD's (which now reminds me to pack some) or listen to movies I can't see playing in the back of the car. It's about a three hour drive which can easily turn into five with the every five mile potty breaks.

Maybe when we come back on Sunday afternoon I'll have some fun stuff to share about our long weekend away. I'm being harassed by a toddler that wants to wear her shorts on backwards with two legs in the same hole and can't figure out why they won't pull up. So, have a good Friday the 13th and corresponding weekend all. Adieu.

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