Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reuse, Reduce and clean up -homemade wipes

I admit it. I like cleaning wipes. I like to take out the premoisened towels and wipe up whatever is yucky and then toss it in the trash without another thought of the mess I cleaned up. Unfortunately, those wipes hold little secrets. They're expensive. They're harsh on skin. There is never enough.

Logically, these wipes aren't even that great. They're not very absorbent because they're already pre-saturated. They're not very large meaning you'll have to use multiple wipes for each job. They're not safe for kids to use. But, we're subconciously aware of the lady (come on, it's almost always a lady) quickly pulling out a wipe and swiping up that spill/dirt/germ with a smile on her face. Never looking back and never using any elbow-grease. Her kids are happy and healthy because she averted germs with her magic wipe. Then we get the coupon in the mail or paper with a whole .50 or even $1 off! Woo hoo today is the day I'm stocking up on wipes....but wait. The average size of these containers is about 40 wipes at a few dollars a container. On average I use 2-4 wipes to clean which means I have the ability to clean between 10-20 messes before popping out a new tub.

Well, people I'm not doing it anymore. I can't see myself sawing papertowel rolls in half (I have tried this before...) or replacing the premade wipes with disposable alternatives. I have a few of these tubs floating around my house and for the sake of not wasting what I already bought I'll use them up but here's what's going to replace them...

1. Get your empty tub and wash it out throughly. Preferably, with something not as harsh as what was in it. My choice was Dr. Bronners' Castille soap, this is also what I used to replace it.
2. Get some cheap wash cloths. I got mine at Ikea in the kids section. They're supposed to be baby washcloths but they work great as rags. I purchased 10 for $3.99 and got 3 packs giving me 30 wipes, plenty to make up a few tubs of reusable wipes. You could also raid your towels closet and cut up some stained towels.

3. Make a solution for your wipes. I used 1 cup of warm water to 1 cap full of Dr. B's Peppermint Castille Soap.

4. Wrap your towels/rags/cloths up individually. I was able to fit 6 washcloths in a medium size tub folded in half and rolled up. Stick these in the cleaned out wipes tub. Here are the wipes, laid out, rolled up and stuffed in the tub.

5. Pour the solution over the top of the wipes and let it sit to they all get saturated.

6. Congratulate yourself on reusing the tub and reducing your waste both in the trash and out of pocket.

I labeled my wipes with the solution contents. I have a few more tubs out there that will get this makeover after they're empty so I'll have plenty of wipes on hand when needed.


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