Sunday, May 3, 2009

Getting Green

My middle child, Cordi, has terrible eczema issues. Lately, she's broken out all over and I have had to rethink my routine of washing everyone else with regular soaps and her with special ones. I tend to do well when she has a break out but after it gets better I get more lax regarding her and avoiding soaps. I have finally decided to just get rid of everything that is harmful to her (and probably to us too) and that way even if I do fall off the wagon it won't matter because there will be nothing in the house that will bother her.

So, based on this and my renewed interest in saving money and maintaining a more natural state for my wee ones to thrive in, I'll be blogging about our trip to getting ourselves green.

I have a whole bunch of posts lined up over the next few weeks focusing on recycling, natural cleaners, sustainability, organic gardening, making baby food and more. Lots of tutorials and reviews, so sit back and bookmark us 'cause I'll make it easy to be green. If you want to green along side us I'd love to hear any feedback or ideas you may have!

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