Thursday, February 12, 2009

I love me some WOOT!

Woot has become a regular word for me now. I say things like "There's a Woot-off!" or "I'm wearing my Woot shirt." and most often "Do you Woot?". I think maybe this word will become part of the dictionary some day as the masses flock to the Woot (hell, it's already on wikipedia, that's like even better than a stinky 200lb tome). Here's an example of the dictionary entry:

Woot: (w-oo-t) N. something purchased off i.e. I got a Woot.
V. to purchase something off i.e. I wooted this. or, I have been wooting today.
Adj. to describe something as a purchase i.e. This is my Woot shirt.
To be a wooter, just go sign up for free on the site. You must check Woot daily so as to not have to kick yourself in the arse when you see you missed out on something you really wanted like a powersquid, USB rocket launcher, a toaster, miscellaneous electronics, bags of crap, or really cool shirt that will distract all the people at church until finally someone gets it (you'd probably want to wear it to a Unitarian church that's kinda linient on the dress code like I do).

When Woot announced the T's in kids sizes I about peed myself. Here are a couple of my Woot kids showing off their threads. My son even exclaims "Great! My Woot shirt is clean!" He's destined to be a second generation Wooter.

(yes, that is a french cabbage)

(anything with Robots doing funny things will make a six year old laugh uncontrollably)

There is even a Woot-off theme (if I could only get it on my ringtones...) and other sites dedicated to Wooting such as Even if you don't purchase anything from Woot, have no fear, just reading the product descriptions is worth the trek to the site. And yes, they really do sell Random Bags of Crap.

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