Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another day, Another quilt

I continued making another quilt by pulling out these Pumpkins gone Wild fabric I had in my stash. I bought this last year in hopes to make some coordinating clothes for the girls but alas, that never came to be.
I am still in the learning curve with quilt. I ended up messing up the back and having to fudge the sides to make it work. I realized this after I machine quilted the entire top, middle and bottom. So this is another quilt for Max. I'm working on my skills though and thing the binding came out much better this time. This is also the first time I machine stitched the back along with the top and middle. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Here is the quilt top. It looks peach but it's not, it's orange.

And back. I added a little decorative touch. I just feel like the solid plain colored backings are just no fun!

The back stripe also looks crooked, which is might very well be but I'm going to blame it on the crooked floor.
All these quilts have planted a bug in me and I went to the store today to pick out some fabrics to make a quilt for my niece and one for my best friends little girl that is going through cancer treatments right now. I thought her own personal snuggly to take back and forth from the hospital would help comfort her (she's three).

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