Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yes, You Can! Or at least I can attempt.

So for any of you that read my blog (and I'm not really thinking there are many) you may notice that I decide to do things rather impulsively. Now, whether or not that is directly related to my status of baby baker or not is completely irrelevant, because I probably do the same stuff un-pregnant but I don't realize it because I've been pregnant for the majority of the past 7 years. Some experts might call this "nesting" which I think is a crappy term because don't birds usually have nests before they mate? I mean, if it was me, and I was flying around looking for that special someone to crack an egg with, I'd expect him to have a fully furnished nest and definitely not be still under his mothers wing, know what I mean? But then again I digress.

So, here's a little inspiration for you gal's out there. The story of my sink. I had a really crappy stainless steel sink that was about 4" deep on each side. I could barely soak a cup. Seriously, why do they sell these? It was definitely not a good thing for someone with 6-7 people to wash up after. I LOATHED this sink for the 2 years we've been living here. While on a trip to Lowe's we spotted a fiberglass white sink 90% off. Yes ninety, that's not a typo. Regular price on this sink was $178.99 and we got it for $17.89 minus the 10% military discount and plus 7% sales tax so it was still $17. Fabu for me!!! I have a faucet that's nice and tall not the crappy little hump of a faucet that lost the caps to the hot/cold valves and the sprayer was possessed and only wanted to work when it wanted to.

Last week I went to work. Now mind you, I'm 35 weeks pregnant, and this baby isn't a tiny little lump, he's practically a full grown newborn in my gut. So imagine if you can, a hugely pregnant woman with 3 kids running around dismantling and installing a sink and faucet and you'll get an idea of what went on at my house for 2 days. I actually did really great, I think...

I at least started off buying a book on plumbing. Yes, I know this is a profession and not a hobby but it was have a book that spelled it out for stupid people or wing it. (No bird pun intended). I gathered up all my hubby's plumbing supplies, mainly anything labeled "PVC" or "plumber's" or looked like something that would be used to work a plumb and set out. Taking out the old sink was easy as it wasn't actually stuck to the counter top since we just replaced it a few months ago and knew we didn't want the old sink permanently adhered. I shut off the water and disconnected the pipes, drains, valves etc. Pulled the old sink out and set it on the curb for the scrap metal guys (it was gone before daylight). The new sink weighs less than an 18 month old so it was easy to put in with one person. I got all the new sink hard ware and assembled it with some tiny set backs. The underneath plumbing was a little tricksy.

About Wednesday, I decided that it was time to call in an expert. The sink part is great. I even went and bought a new drain and reinstalled the garbage disposal. Where my "oopses" (yes, plural) were was in the cold water installation, the valve in the handle fell out and ended up in about 4 pieces that I apparently didn't get back together so the cold water and hot water valves don't work the same way and it drips a little from the faucet. And when it came to getting the new plumbing together underneath I just couldn't get it to not leak. So, my neighbor game me the handy man's number and he came out and for $65 fixed all the plumbing underneath which wwas still a whole lot cheaper than buying the sink new anyway. '

Now I have a lovely sink big enough to wash a baby! My parting words to you fair ladies is, if you don't try you never know! I realized when a good time to call in someone to finish the job but now I can say "I did it!" or at least "I attempted it!" which is just as great a feeling.

If I had the foresight to photo the old sink I would have, but you'll just have to make due with the photo of the new sink and the lovely plumbing job my handyman did underneath.

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