Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's been awhile.

A Lot has happened in our family lately and I haven't been even thinking of blogging which is fine because that's kinda how it's supposed to work right? Blog when you have something to say.

Well, officially I have nothing to say so this is just a random posting of facts and information which I'm submitting to the wonderful world of internet to be chastised and ridiculed about later on and no one will ever forget. But I digress.

I went pimping my wares at a local group function today. It was interesting with 4 kids and being 26 weeks pregnant but it was do-able and worked out ok. I sold some dresses and a purse and took my earnings and kids over to Chili's for a steak. Yeah, I know red meat. But according to my OB my iron is low and they want me to supplement which I don't want to do so, insert red meat.

I've been trying to keep busy over the past few weeks since hubby has been gone. Trying not to think about his final departure in October as I will probably (rephrase: definitely) start bawling hysterically and freaking out my kids. If you don't have kids, to let you know that's generally not a great idea.

I still have to get around to hiring a doula to come with me to the birth. I can't imagine doing it by myself, and in all honesty, if I wasn't scared I'd just pop him out at home and go back to bed. After Emmy and her dramatic entrance by placenta abrupta at 37 1/2 weeks, I feel putting myself in the hands of a trained medical professional with access to all that great life saving equipment is probably the best way to do it, for me at least.

We've moved, which was interesting. We're back in our little old house which is 1200 square feet and did I mention small? I'm trying not to think about it but I just pulled out my sewing stuff yesterday and was miserably reminded how much space I now lack. Though, in the long run it will be for the best, it's just an adjustment I have to learn to live with. It might help me to sort out actual times for projects instead of blowing up a craft bomb in a room and leaving it until the next perfect mixture of free time and inspiration collide.

My 2 oldest kids have started piano lessons which has been great. The teacher comes here and I have to be disciplined enough to not give into my kids pleas to stop practicing because of the "I already know all the notes" excuse. As much as I'd love to admit my little prodigies are budding Motzart's, the truth is they probably aren't no matter how quickly they pick up beginner piano once a week. It's nice because it gives me some time to lock myself upstairs and spend time with my 2 littlest ones playing and cleaning up.

I need to find more time to divulge my 5 year old in arts. It's been pointed out to me that she's quite artistic and I am feeling a little bit the bad mother for not entering her in more extracurricular activities. So, I'm now on the lookout for classes that she can take without me that aren't erroneously expensive or at silly times of the day (which is to say, they're usually at night). So far, Google has come up with none.

Oh, on a smaller note, it was my birthday on the 19th. Yippee, I'm not 30 yet but close enough.

So, we're just trying to get into a routine, make time for special things and generally be happy as often as we can.

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