Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brian Jaques and Redwall Abbey - A Book Review

We love us a good bibliophile. If you have good ones that you can recommend please do so. But for those of you that are currently searching, here's a little tidbit on a series called 'Redwall'.

It all starts with a little book called "Redwall". This is a very unpretentious little book tucked away in the adult section of book stores which may be easily overlooked (as I almost did because it was at floor level) because of it's cute-sie animal artwork on the cover and the fact that it's purple, which may put off some male Sci-Fi readers. I mean honestly, what guy do you know that would be sitting reading, well, anywhere in public, with a purple book with illustrated animals on the cover?

Then again, that guy is missing out on some seriously great literature. And those little animals kick some mighty ass. I was a little shocked at the violence that covers some of the chapters of this book but it is an adult book and does make for a great read. Plus there is the great literary visualizations partaking at every meal so now I just have to go buy the cookbook so I can make them for my little mice.

There are so many books in this series I seriously can't even begin to list them here. There is also a cartoon about the series though I haven't watched it. So far, I'm on "Mattimeo" the third in the series.

Reading about Brian Jaques is intriguing. He looks like a combo between James Lipton and Jean-Luc Piccard and I attribute him acting like them but with a British accent.

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