Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book Nest

In my quest to remake our homeschool experience I'm trying to open myself up to what I have dubbed "alternative days". I have a fairly rigid schedule that I try and stick to. Wednesday and Friday are our "short days" where we do just a little less work but it's still sit-and-write work, which gets borrr-ing.

Yesterday, in a fit of desperation inspiration I had all the kids gather up their pillows and blankets. I threw mine into the mix and made everyone a place. Then I instructed them to gather up a half dozen or so books they'd like to read or look at. If they could be quiet, stay in their places, and not fight for a couple hours that would be school for the day.

I love reading. If I could get a job staying in my jammies, lay in bed and read book after book after book I would shun the living world and never be seen again such is the conviction of my love. I want to instill that same zest for written words to my children.

Children that have more energy than a fully fueled 747. Sitting and looking at books for hours just isn't in them. I tried to encourage it anyway by setting a good example and making use of my own spot in the book nest. For a couple hours. I sacrifice, I really do.

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April said...

I think this is a neat idea. Other alternative days could be helping you care for the animals or garden or what have you. Part of the degree I'm working on is in education. We have been taught that all learners, regardless of age, need breaks when they are learning. It may be difficult for your children to sit for a few hours straight. Try giving them a 5-10 minute break every hour or so. During this break they can stretch/exercise (PE time!), have a snack, or just sit without having to read. :)