Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I did not die.

You might have noticed that, while I haven't posted anything really significant, I did in fact post stuff after the Holidays that would indicate I did not die in a freak packing box incident. Which is good. I can only apologize now for the absence.

I've been working on lots of farm stuff which has been being posted on my other blog. Cause -like chips- you can't have just one. I have been thinking that this blog is going to be centered more around homeschooling, crafting and food. While I can't guarentee that farm stuff won't find it's way over here I want to focus the farm blog on well...farming.

So, after a nearly two month homeschooling hiatus, we got back in business on January 3rd. Schooling year round makes it easier to be lienient when you need to be. We schooled through most of the summer so this break didn't set us back. We still read and did things but I didn't keep track of anything.

I found this great desk/cabinet/drawer thing at a thriftstore in town and we're using this for our homeschool things now. This is such a better set up than we had at the old house.

One set of grandparent's gave the kids bookstore gift cards and after Christmas we stocked up on all new literature books for the next year (at least). Those holiday sales are awesome. The diningroom table is working out splendidly, I just have to remember I can actually sit with them now and can stop standing in the kitchen to eat.

(excuse the bed head)

Tax time is coming around which means I get to pick out the next year's school books. I'm really enjoying some of the online things like Headsprout, IXL and Brainpop. I do need to find a good art, music and history curriculum or unit studies or something. So, if you have suggestions let's hear them. 

Getting used to not having so many educational places to visit right at our fingertips is definately going to be a challenge. On difficult days I can't fall back to just taking the kids to the zoo. Though the backyard is begining to look like one.

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